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Reliable Rides is one of the leading self-drive car rental service providers in Goa whose customer focus, reliable service and transparent pricing have made it the peoples' first choice in the Goan's car rental space. Reliable Rides provides a hassle free avenue for the customers who wish to rent self-drive cars in goa for any and all travel needs. The customers can book any of the available vehicles in minutes without having to deal or negotiate with travel agencies or operators

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Minimum Mandatory Booking for 2 Calendar Days*

* Calendar Day ends at 9am.

For Example : If you booked a vehicle for 4.30pm today, than tomarrow at 9am your one day will be over and day after tomarrow at 9am 2 days will be over. You will be charged for TWO days whether you book for 01 day or 02 days or part thier of. 

If vehcle is RETURNED beyond 9am, ( For example,  at 4pm day after tomarrow in this case, although it is well with in 48 Hours but in our case it shall be considered as returned after 9am, hence 3 days will counted) one FULL DAY Charge will be applicable.

Pickup & Drop Charges are seperate based on location where vehicle is supposed to be pickedup or dropped at.



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